Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keeping the Workouts Going

Consistency may be the most vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are so many excuses we can give ourselves each day to not work out. I hate to say it, but most of those excuses are the result of us being lazy and not prioritizing the time in our day. However, for the days when "something comes up"  and the time budgeted for the gym is lost, that doesn't mean you have to give up on physical activity all together. Here is a quick routine that can be done at home, no weights, no machines, just you... and maybe some good music.

The circuit should take any where from 5 - 8 minutes. If you would like a more advanced challenge, try each exercise for the longer duration provided. These exercises require the body to work in full. There is an emphasis on core, and the idea is to get your heart rate up by executing each exercise quick with only 15-30 seconds rest in between.

It is recommended to do each circuit 3 times, but feel free to do more!!! It all depends on your schedule.

Remember.. the goal is to keep your body moving. Not every workout is going to be a killer, and conversely, they aren't always going to be easy. It's more important that your body is physically challenged throughout your week and life. Any workout is better than no workout!!

At Home Routine

plank 30-60 sec
bridges- 30-60 sec
mountain climbers- 45-90 sec
jumping jacks- 90 - 120 sec
bicycle kicks- 45- 60 sec
superman- 30 - 45 sec
pushups - 45- 60 sec



Mountain Climbers

Bicycle Kicks

Jumping Jacks


If you have any questions about the routine or want some more at-home exercises feel free top post a comment or email us at Info@PriorityFitnessTraining.com


  1. love this, ben. this is great for traveling too!

  2. Ben, what are your suggestions once these skills are mastered?

    I have been working out in a similar way for about a year now, but want to take it to the next level. Any suggestions?

  3. Hey Rob, that's a great question. First of all, happy to hear that all of these exercised are mastered and it's awesome you are looking for more challenges. Each one of these exercises has the potential to increase intensity. Besides increasing the duration, here are a few tips to change up the routine:
    -Instead of a regular plank, try a side plank
    - http://www.abs-exercise-advice.com/images/side-plank-exercise.gif
    - Instead of a regular Bridge, try a 1 legged bridge
    -Try mountain climbers by balancing the upper body on a bosu ball. If you don't have access to a bosu ball, try mountain climbers with sprint intervals. 10 second sprints and 5 second cool down (total of 60 seconds)
    -Instead of jumping jacks, do Squat Jumps!!! http://www.hyperstrike.com/my_lab.aspx?exerciseid=1110
    - Try bicycle kicks the same way with the mountain climbers. Add sprint intervals
    -Try the superman exercise and hold 5lbs weights.. the 5lbs is a lot more intense than it seems
    - And for the pushups.. try them with a clap in between each rep, or take away one of your arms!!

    I hope this info helps, good luck!!