Friday, July 16, 2010

Gonna Make You Sweat!

Many thanks to OVERFLOW Magazine, a fantastic local South Brooklyn magazine, for collaborating on a new Fitness article. Feel free to check out the magazine around town and click the link to read the article. Enjoy!

Gonna Make You Sweat in Park Slope – A Priority


Friday, July 9, 2010

Endurance To The Max

If I were asked to pick a few sports that challenge muscle endurance the most, it is very likely for soccer and distance cycling to be in the top 5. As I’m sure you know, the World Cup has been going on for the past couple of weeks and is now entering the final round of competition. What some of you may not know, is that the Tour De France is also currently in progress.

Both sports are incredibly inspiring to watch. One of the things that I first noticed is that none of these athletes ever stop moving! This is a true test of endurance. Preventing your body from standing still is a lot harder than it sounds. Unlike Sprinters (who run as fast as they can, stop, and then run again), endurance athletes engage specific muscle fibers that specialize in lasting longer, fatiguing slower, and constant movement. These fibers are slow twitch (type 1) muscle fibers which are a lot leaner and longer in comparison to the average fiber types of a body builder or wrestler (who mostly have fast twitch, type 2 muscle fibers).

Endurance athletes also have to eat the right ratio of nutrients (which keep them lean) to maximize performance. The typical endurance athlete follows a diet roughly comprised of 65% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 20% fat. This is much different than a body builder’s diet which can be 55% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% Fat. Endurance training requires more carbohydrates and less protein than many other sports. The extra carbohydrates supply endurance athletes with a good deal of energy to assist in their long distance/duration races. The smaller doses of protein allow the athletes to move more efficiently. The more excess muscle an endurance athlete has, the more they have to work to move around. Think of the difference between a car (endurance athlete) and a truck (sprinter). Which one uses more gas? The truck uses a whole lot more! Same concept applies for endurance sports. Who wants to travel across the country in an 18-wheeler when you have a hybrid car in your garage?!?

So, if you are interested in seeing some world class endurance athletes, check out the World Cup final game this Sunday and watch the Tour De France for the next 3 weeks! Notice how those athletes are built and move differently than those who play other typically American sports such as football. And keep in mind, although it takes training and resilience, perhaps endurance training is the new sport for you!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Rob Is Back!!

And now he has his own blog. For those of you who don't remember Rob, his weight loss is a true success. Besides being a great friend, he is truly an inspiration. Rob lost 60 lbs by eating right, working out, and never giving up. He took his time (2 years) and lost weight the right way, the healthy way. He did what all fitness professionals want their clients to do. Here is a link to his story and new blog. I also pasted a recent blog that he posted. Enjoy!!

An Inspirational Sunday Run In The Park

As my seventh of nine qualifying runs for the 2011 New York City Marathon, I chose to run theAchilles International Hope & Possibility 5 Mile Run/Walk.

The run yesterday was like any other Sunday run except for one thing…

The people running the race were a lot more harcore than usual.

“Every day, in parks, gyms, and tracks all over the world, Achilles provides athletes with disabilities with a community of support.”

Except today, the community of support were the runners and onlookers in Central Park. The run inspired me and many of my fellow runners and I cant think of a better reason to get up early on a Sunday and exercise.

Check out some other awesome pics, below.

More than 6,000 runners, walkers and wheelchair racers participated in Sunday’s race.

I remember passing by this woman early in the race and saw her face light up when a few of us cheered her on, and she repaid the favor when she crossed the finish line and all of us were glowing.

Now he was working hard up the hills. Saw him in action and at the finish, as well.

Now that’s doin’ work.

¡Viva Ecuador!

This is my favorite image of the bunch. Look at the happiness and accomplishment on her face.

“The Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans program brings running programs and marathon opportunities to disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.” I only had one thing to say them and that was “thank you.”

More than anything else, the children that participated in the race were the stars of the show. Talk about New York’s Finest… these children give ther term a new definition.

When we think about the enormous emotional benefits from working out, they are multiplied ten fold when we can do good for others too.

Being there, cheering on and running with the members of the Achilles made the eight miles I ran on Sunday seem like a miniscule accomplishment, and that is just fine with me.