Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Drinks Aren't Here To Help!

As we approach Summer the weather begins to warm up and we all tend to stay outside more to enjoy the long sunny days. One of the first changes in how I react to the Summer is that I notice how much I yearn for fluid to keep myself hydrated.

When the body sweats more, it requires more fluids to maintain hydration. Even if you don't work out, there's no stopping sweat. From a "calorically conscious" perspective (I think I just made up a new term!) it is easy to over-ingest in calories with high sugar drinks. Summer drinks such as lemonade, iced tea, pina coladas, and even juice are examples of unnecessary drinks that are not crucial for hydration. Although it may feel refreshing to drink a large glass of lemonade, there is a potential of adding 250 calories of refined sugar carbohydrates to your diet. Drink that a couple times a week and see how many extra calories add up in a month!

A healthy alternative to high sugar drinks is water! Water is the source of life and will hydrate the body when needed. Now, if your body has depleted itself of carbohydrates (usually when you haven't eaten or drank anything in over 3 hours) then grab a piece of fruit. Fruit is superior to any type of summer drink. Fruit has natural sugars, micro-nutrients, and contains healthy fiber. Most have no natural sugars, very little micro-nutrients, and they are stripped of all their fiber.

A great rule of thumb to live by. I heard this quote in person. "Whatever is man made, isn't meant for man!" -
Jack Lalane

In this case, "man made" refers to refined "over-sugared" drinks.