Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We're Back!

I would like to welcome everyone back to the Priority Fitness blog. It has been quite a long break, but we’re back and happy to be here.

There have been a lot of new fitness trends recently and now with the seasons changing, I’m sure plenty of people are excited to try a whole bunch of new things.... or at least read about them.

As always, I wish for this blog to be a fitness resource that provides you with information from every spectrum of fitness. I always encourage feedback, whether it may be agreeing, disagreeing or just inquiring for more information. It’s amazing how we can learn so much more if we all share our thoughts.

Here are some links to keep you occupied until the next blog comes out. (Which will be 'Vegan Diet vs Paleo Diet' - which will win?)

1. Men's Health dumbed down - yet it makes more sense than ever!!

-Yes, if you increase the rate and incline on the treadmill, your workout will become harder... It actually is somewhat refreshing to see a topic that isn't a "gimmick" or just plain false. Monitoring your heart rate can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, such as determining which nutrient you want to burn primarily for energy (i.e., fat or carbohydrates).

2. Take some time to listen to Jamie Oliver

-He will give you an enlightened perspective of childhood obesity. Knowledge is Power!!!!

3. An amazing New York Times article that actually stresses the point that you need to work to lose weight.

-"Parking farther away from the grocery store than usual" will burn minimal calories and slightly increase your activity. But if you buy unhealthy food, even the slightest effort to maintain health is thrown down the drain.

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