Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Time To Question Your Diet

A buddy/fellow trainer sent me this link. It raised a lot of questions about life as a vegan, carnivore, and omnivore. As a (currently experimenting) vegan, it made me think differently about how I view my nutritional intake.

This clip really caught my attention because this person raises specific points in a calm, organized, and effective way. It's a treat to see somebody raise controversial issues without yelling and ranting. I sincerely urge you to watch this youtube clip for the next couple of minutes and share with everyone what you think. It will be extremely interesting to see all of your views on this topic.

Thanks and enjoy!!


  1. That was really cool. I eat meat, I just make sure it's not more than 1/4 of my plate at any meal. I think the healthy approach to meat is to eat lean, organic, and free range, and use it to round out a meal that is mostly plants (veggies, fruits, and whole grains)