Tuesday, March 16, 2010

P90X- It's No Joke...Seriously, It's Really Hard

I'd like to start this post off by officially stating, "I do not work for P90X, I do not sell P90X, and I actually don't even know what the 'P' in P90X stands for" - maybe "physical"? Who knows? It doesn't really matter though. What does matter, however, is this exercise video. It's actually a series of 12 videos and each one focuses on a different type of workout. The idea is to circuit these videos, eat right, and see some results in 90 days. The videos are very diverse and range from muscle-focused exercises, such as "Back & Biceps" to full body cardio called "Kenpo X" (intense punching, kicking, and balancing), and even to "Yoga X".

The master behind P90X is named Tony Horton. Tony has made his exercise videos stand out for many reasons. The most important is that the exercises are hard! He demonstrates a great compilation of old school exercises and then adds a good twist of his own creativity. He also isn't trying to "sell" anything (besides his DVD's). In other words, there aren't any gimmicks involved. When compared to Bowflex,which promotes that working out for 20 minutes a day is going to "transform" your body, P90X admits that you have to put the hard work in! Working out is tough! If it wasn't, everybody would be doing it!

Another great trick to his trade are his comments. I'll be the first to admit, an exercise video is no comparison to personal training because a video will never cater to the individual details of a person's needs. Tony always has other people working out with him and he does a great job of constructively criticizing their form. Most of the mistakes that the people on his team make are common enough to keep anyone in check. So when Tony makes a technique comment to one of his peers, it's a good idea to look in the mirror and see if you are making the same mistake.

I've been very sore after P90X workouts. Even if you don't want to fully commit all of your workouts to P90X, it may be worth a try just to switch it up every once in a while and pop in a DVD. The best part is that these workouts are trustworthy, trainer approved, and effective. Check it out!