Friday, May 8, 2009

Who Knew Maps Can Help You Work Out?!?

Logging your workouts is a great way to measure your progress and plan for your future goals. I'm a big fan of writing down exercise routines in order to improve workout sessions. This works great in a gym environment because you can bring a pen and pad and go crazy logging in between sets. But what about when you exercise outside? I love running, and despite my injury at the moment, I always wanted to know how far each run was. Unlike a gym, I'm not going to bring a little notebook and log the details of my run while I'm in the middle of it. If I know where my mile markers are during my route I can see if I'm on pace or in need of readjustment.

Both myself and the Priority Fitness running group uses Map My Run to design a running route. This site is brilliant! To start, all you have to do is log in your coordinates (or just type your address). Once you are pinpointed on your map, click and drag the marker where ever you plan on running. The marker will document where you are running and also add up your mileage! Now you can actually know if that run in the park you've been doing for 10 years is the actual amount of miles you thought it was.

This site is extremely convenient if you want to stay on a certain pace. You can now identify the landmark of your "mile-markers". If you want to run an 8 minute mile, you'll know where you need to be every 8 minutes... Wonderful!

This site is also very useful if you are training for an event. Being that membership is free, you can create a personalized profile that saves all of your runs. Looking at your progress over the course of a whole training program is extremely beneficial. You can compare past training routines to new ones. This allows you to analyze your strong points and weak points. It can also help you understand how your body responds to different runs. The creativity is up to you!

... And for all of you cyclists and triathletes out there, these sites are just for you.. Map My Ride, Map My Tri

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