Friday, May 1, 2009

The Time Has Finally Come-- Your Park Workout!

Hey everybody, sorry about the "no-post" last week. Priority Fitness has had a very busy past couple of days. One of the reasons for being so busy is because we have started training outside in the wonderful weather of Prospect Park! The outdoors has been treating our running class great. We have been breezing through our training program and are psyched for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. The other outdoors workouts have been personal training sessions in the park . 

        It's been so uplifting to see the Prospect Park full of people again. Besides the trees and flowers getting ready to be in full bloom, we are too! In other words, more people are working out now and taking advantage of the outdoors. Picnics and BBQs are also an addition to nice weather, but how about a nice workout in the park before them?!?!

         I have designed a quick circuit training routine meant to be outside on some form of grass. The exercises require only  you and some effort.  Here are some links from one of my favorite websites Hyper Strike for the exercises.  The circuit is at the bottom of the page. 

Squat Thrusts

Jumping Jacks

Box Shuffles

Push Ups or Pike Press

Jumping Lunge (and with rotation)

Bear Crawl


Spider Crawl

Try each one of these exercises for either 45-90 seconds for 3-5 sets. The intensity is all based upon your effort and physical condition. Remember, every workout should be accompanied by a nice warmup, efficient cool down, and stretching.

Good Luck!!

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