Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bodies- Check'em out!!... No, seriously

There are two different ways you can work out these days. One way is to do your exercises and finish them as quickly as possible, which is basically just "going through the motions". The other way is to take some time, focus on each muscle moving, and understand how your body works together. This is better than just "going through the motions" because you can engage your muscles more efficiently for a better work out.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to the Bodies exhibit this past weekend with a good friend of mine (also a fantastic client and triathlete). The bodies exhibit is a collection of cadavers that are arranged in all types of positions. Each cadaver showcases different groups of bones, muscles, and areas of the circulatory system and nervous system.

To actually see the origins and insertions of each muscle is amazing! Understanding where muscles connect to the body can help us understand each muscle's role in movement. So, if you see the Latissimus Dorsi muscle at the exhibit, you'll now know what muscle to visualize and focus on when you are doing a Lat Pull Down. Understanding how muscles connect to the body also help us critique and correct our form. If we want to do a bicep curl (once seeing where the biceps attach) and your body is moving a lot more than just the bicep, it is now safe to say that the form of the exercise may be compromised.

The bodies exhibit is an interesting trip. It can really define a new perspective about how the parts of the body have to work together in order for us to move and live. There are several Bodies exhibits scattered around the US. Here's a link to their main page for a location nearest to you.

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