Friday, June 12, 2009

Sharing the Spotlight

One of the most important lessons I have learned as a Personal Trainer (and business owner) is to not re-invent the wheel. There are so many theories and existing data that has been proven about science and fitness. What's better than taking existing research and putting it into play? Unfortunately, there is also a lot of junk promoted in the health and wellness field today too. It can be really hard to decipher what's true or false. So, I've made the decision for you! Here are some links to legitimate articles and posts this week that I (based on my education and experience in the field) agree with.

For an awesome overview of exercise

Some great advice about analyzing and preventing injuries

Great tips on dieting at work (except the fasting part in the end!)


Some new and different nutrition tips- From a really cool blog that I just happen to stumble upon while surfing (the internet of course)

5 excuses that will keep you fat- From a blog that I have been keeping my eye on for a while

OK, so I figured I'd switch it up this week and share the spotlight with some other sources. It's important to understand other people's opinions on certain matters. It helps me figure out my stance on topics which in return defines my point of view (especially in the fitness world) even more. I chose these articles because I agree with their theory and information. How about you?

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